CRUCIAL, Life Changing Question
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What Is The Difference between the 99% of new affiliate marketers who simply fail to generate enough income......

...and the 1% that are able to build a job replacing income and a true internet lifestyle?

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    The Harsh Reality Is That No One Thing Will Make You A Success

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    Are you thinking about becoming an affiliate marketer?

    Not really knowing where to start?
    Not knowing who to trust?
    Not sure what “systems” work best?
    Bogged down with dozens of offers showing you how to make your fortune in 3 easy steps?

    Or perhaps you're new to affiliate marketing?

    Maybe you are getting started. Maybe you have already bought one the “guaranteed to make you money” systems.
    But I can guarantee it isn't working for you. Things just don't fit together as they should.
    That amazing software solution you bought into just doesn't do what it's supposed to – does it!

    Or have you been trying to make this affiliate marketing thing work for some time now?
    And Still struggling to make it work?



    I understand exactly how you feel..

    Probably bought a whole raft of training and magic button solution. Instant traffic, guaranteed sales, high conversions, happy customers, huge email lists. They all dies a death didn't they? They simply failed to live up to expectations and never produced any results.

    Don't kick yourself though, don't give yourself a hard time... YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE. You are simply the same as 99% of all new affiliate marketers who simply cannot get things to work.

    The real failure is in the so called magic bullets, instant solutions, underground tricks, hacks, tutorials with no meat, half hearted training guides and even complete and unadulterated lies and rubbish content that is sold as affiliate marketing solutions.

    I know because I have tried them all as well. Yes, absolutely.. I've been down the same route as you, the same long road to nowhere. Failure after failure and eventually a complete loss of faith in everything.

    In your heart you already know that this is all true!

    But every new promise of easy riches tempts you to try...

    ....just one more quick fix!

    The REALITY is...

    If you are thinking of becoming an affiliate marketer then what I described above is your destiny.

    That is the route you are headed down. That is what you have got to look forward to.

    If you are just starting out then you will already be feeling that things are going awry. That everything is not working out. You will soon be looking for the next “perfect” solution promised to you by someone who probably has no real idea about affiliate marketing. Or worse doesn't want you to actually be a success.

    And if you've already tried affiliate marketing and are sitting there with your head in your hands after trying one failed solution after another. Then I am already speaking to the converted. You will know exactly what I mean. You will have walked the walk and felt the pain. Possibly many times.

    Stop blindly following the pack…

    It's Time To Break The Cycle!

    It doesn't need to be like that. Again I repeat...


    You have simply fallen into the same trap as everyone else.

    You can succeed.
    You can win.
    You can be a successful affiliate marketer.

    This is all possible

    You can have an affiliate sales system that gathers new customers and build your email list almost on autopilot.

    You can see a continuous stream of sign-ups and sales.

    You can build your system into a full time business.

    You can have a job replacing online machine that frees you to do what you want.

    Too many people think they just need
    that one thing to succeed.

    They believe that they are just missing that one component, hack or trick that will suddenly swing their abject failure to ultimate success.

    Let me tell you straight that is not the case!

    That is just something that many software and training sellers want you to believe.

    They want you to fail so you will buy their next best thing (which will definitely work this time , honest!).

    • If only I could get a great product to sell...
    • If only I could give away some great bonuses...
    • If only my graphics were eye popping...
    • If I could just get some hot the traffic...
    • IF ONLY...

    Sorry guys but this is a continuous ride that will never make you a great affiliate marketer.

    Sure they are all good stuff but no one thing will ever fix everything.

    There are some core problems
    that you really need to know.

    Any specific shortcut, instant income offer or magic bullet will never work.

    To be attractive to buyers (YOU!) products need to be quick and easy and offer instant success. So that's what they sell you – only a tiny part of a full solution.

    Even training guides tend to focus on just one thing so it can be quick and easy. Unfortunately this is the exact reason why they do not work. They are only part solutions.

    The Truth Is...

    You need a complete and detailed affiliate marketing model that gives you the whole picture, the full solution, that finally allows you to become...
    ...the success you deserve to be!

    • You need a complete and detailed affiliate marketing model that gives you the whole picture, the full solution, that finally allows you to become the success you deserve to be.
    • It's not hard, it's just about doing the right things. But more importantly ALL the right things.
    • You want a proven method used by real affiliate marketers that will keep working and can be ramped up to build a real business.

    No hacks, no tricks and no black hat solutions. Just solid, proven, legitimate methods and processes.

    Fed-up up of feeling deflated and useless because the last new “amazing method” you bought has gone the way of all the others?

    Well you don't have to put up with those shoddy (or dodgy) solutions another day.

    If you feel like you've failed (and remember it is not your failure!) because once again the new (supposed) solution you bought does nothing –

    then this is your chance to prove yourself to everyone. Your friends, your family, your colleagues and even yourself.

    Of course you could try buying another magic bullet, cross your fingers and hope this one will miraculously turn you into a top affiliate marketer. Or you could:

    Stop your merry-go-round of buying the next best things that deep down you know are not going to work

    On your own you will probably never figure out everything you need to be a top affiliate marketer (99% never do!).

    Or at least it could take you years if you've got the time and the patience..

    Or you could actually get:

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    Follow this full guide with nothing left out (except the bits that don't work!). Finally understand the complete picture and be able to implement the specific model that is working for us and other top affiliate marketers.

    So Why Should You Listen To Us?

    Tony (my business partner) and I have over 20 years experience of affiliate marketing online. We specialize in developing and selling online solutions and training. Affiliate marketing is a huge part of our business.

    We promote affiliate products and make affiliate sales
    every single day.

    And we always will.

    We both started out individually working online over 10 years ago. We both followed the same path that you are probably on or thinking about going on now.

    We are now both professionals because we eventually realized that there are no real magic bullets or instant solutions. Sure there are shortcuts but you need to understand the difference between legitimate shortcuts and black hat methods.

    Tony took his own route and with (very expensive) mentoring and a LOT of testing, finally found the complete picture needed to be a success.

    I took a similar but individual route but came to the same conclusion. You need a legitimate, complete and effective method to be a top affiliate marketer and, more importantly, keep going through all the changes that the likes of Google, Facebook and others can bring.

    The bottom line is that we come from the trenches.
    We have fought those battles and we have won.

    We really know what works for affiliate marketers because we do it every single day.

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