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Of course your new Next Generation Affiliate Guide is a full, complete and stand alone guide that does not require Affiliate Extreme to work...

...But since cracking the affiliate blueprint I have put in hundreds of hours looking “outside the box”.

I can tell you that all that blood sweat and tears has paid for itself 10 times over and I want you to leverage my efforts to your advantage.

Just because I had my affiliate system working didn't mean I sat back and relaxed. Oh No! That's just not my style.

I have literally put in hundreds of hours testing new and advanced ideas, trying things I have read about or heard about or seen other marketers using. Then proving or disproving all the theories by putting them into practice.

You never stop learning in this game but you need to test and prove everything to know for sure it's right for your business.

Most of these advanced techniques can only be applied once you have your system up and running so most people never even get as far as trying any of this stuff.

It simply takes too much time and too much work to try and test all the ideas, theories and advice that gets bandied about.

So to make sure you can take advantage of these advanced practices I have put together the best of all these “outside of the box" techniques, tips and tricks and created an advanced guide especially for Next Generation Affiliates.

I have only included things that I have personally used and found to increase the income from my affiliate system.

The things I know actually work and work well.

I have discarded all the stuff that either failed to give results or in some cases even reduced my income.

Can't I Just I find out all this stuff myself?

Of course you can. Just repeat everything I have done over the last couple of years and it's likely you will come up with the same things that I did to increase your income.

But why would you redo what I have already done?

  • I've already wasted a lot of time that you don't need to.
  • I've already discarded the things that don't work so you don't have to.
  • I've already found out what works so you can utilize them too.

My Tools & templates pack will fix all these things for you.

Of course you could create all these yourself,
but why bother?

  • Will save you hundreds of hours of development work.
  • Will enable you to use advanced practices to increase your income.
  • Will let you pick and choose what you want to do and when you want to do it.
  • Means you can be confident that every technique or trick will work for your system.

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Affiliate Extreme

This Video Series & 70 page ebook is cover to cover gold with all my.....

Advanced And Underground Affiliate Tips,
Tricks & Strategies.

Affiliate Extreme is a complete no fluff guide
designed with one purpose in mind.

To Ensure You Make as Much Money As Possible!

And by applying the strategies you will find in this advanced guide, you can easily double or even triple your income.

Affiliate Extreme covers a whole raft of clever ways to...

  • Maximise Your Income
  • Boost Sales
  • Multiply Subscriber Opt-Ins
  • Massively Increase Profits
  • Speed Up Your Growth
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Ramp Up Your System

The Affiliate Extreme Guide contains 14 chapters

all written to achieve these five things:

  • Speed Up your Development
  • Increase Your Opt-ins
  • Increase Your Sales
  • Increase Your Conversions
  • Increase Your Profits

To help you make the most money possible. Each chapter covers a specific area or strategy to increase your overall profits.

1. Bonuses – The reality of using bonuses and how to automate delivery. Guaranteed to increase sales

2. List Automation - Applying special “rules” to your subscriber list that can massively increase sales.

3. List Segmentation - How (and why) to segment your list and actually make money doing it!

4. Squeeze Page - Underground squeeze page techniques. That will increase initial sales.

5. Thank You Pages - The simple strategy that will boost sales and buyer trust.

6. Split Testing - Make split testing simple and guarantee increased opt-ins and sales.

7. Conversion Tracking - Clever ways to track your entire sales funnel and how to use the “numbers” to massively increase profits.

8. Advanced Email Strategies - Everything you will need to turn your emails into “super powered sales machines”.

9. Surveys - Knowing what your subscribers want can make massive sales from even a small list.

10. Traffic Tricks - Some current & highly effective traffic getting methods.

11. High Ticket Products - How to make a lot money from high ticket products.

12. Outsourcing - Cheap and easy ways to speed up your online business.

13. New Affiliate Products - Building An Evergreen System. Adding to, or replacing products in you funnel for maximum efficiency.

14. Leveraging From Launches - New product launches raise a lot of excitement. Use that excitement to fill your own PayPal with cash from other people’s launches.

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14 Chapters (70 pages) of advanced affiliate tips, tricks and strategies.
Value $47

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